Draft National Youth Policy

The Government has reviewed the existing draft National Youth Policy, 2014 and prepared a new draft National Youth Policy (NYP). The draft NYP envisages a ten – year vision for youth development that India seeks to achieve by 2030. It is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and serves to ‘unlock the potential of the youth to advance India’. The draft NYP seek to catalyze widespread action on youth development across five priority areas viz. education; employment & entrepreneurship: youth leadership & development; health, fitness & sports; and social justice. Each priority area is underpinned by the principle of social inclusion keeping in view the interests of the marginalized sections.

The policy would be finalized after deliberations on received suggestions/comments and multi stakeholders consultations.


We request you to give your feedback on the Draft NYP by clicking on this link: CLICK HERE



Salient points of the draft National Youth Policy:

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