Programme Learning Outcome & Course Learning Outcome

Programme Learning Outcome & Course Learning Outcome

All the programme and activities initiated and planned by the institution are aligned to ensure that they help achieve the final learning objective. All the teaching learning components at IASE are aligned with the Programme Learning Outcomes and Course Learning Outcome within the curriculum framework of the Affiliating University. The teaching Learning programmes that are aligned with PLOs and CLOs are as stated below –

            1) Before commencement of any semester, faculty meetings hold discussion on the up coming semesters and the courses to be offered as well as teaching faculty suitable and competent to take up the course papers. On the basis of the assigned course subjects, all the faculty prepare monthly plan as well as semester plan in line with the course learning outcome (CLO) stated in the syllabus for each course in the programme.

            2) Internal Quality Assurance is actively involved in exercises to ensure that all teachers are steering their courses in the right direction. The weekly unit plan and its adherence to it is an effective mechanism.

            3) Mentoring of students where the mentor teachers supervise the performances of their Mentee throughout the course is also an effective lever. The students’ performance in academic and co-academic activities are monitored by the mentor teachers and problems arising thereof are attended to through counseling.

            4) Time tables set according to the course outline are closely followed by the teaching faculty to ensure timely coverage of the course.

            5) Classes taken by the faculty members on different course papers follow and adopt various teaching methodology to ensure optimum attainment goals and objectives and promoting  capabilities in cognitive and personality developmental areas. The teaching methodologies adopted are carefully selected to meet the PLOs and CLOs.

            6) The institution conducted two internal examinations in the form of unit test on the 2nd month of every semester and Pre-semester examination at the end of the course to prepare the students for their final examination. Learning Activity as part of the course outline assigned to all the students forms an important component of internal evaluation.

            During the third Semester, the students of B.Ed. programme undergo rigorous internship programme wherein they thoroughly acquire the needed teaching skills and abilities required to become effective

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