IASE gives great importance to the library as an important source of potent learning. The prolific use of library and active engagement in library reading has been recognized by the Institution as important activities conducive to effective learning. Students are encouraged to make use of their off-class time in the library. A register is placed to record their visits. Students who are identified as needing extra support are provided with reading materials and recommended readings of specialized sections of books. Resource Centre has facilitated individual active learning.


With the acquisition of new computers, efforts are being initiated to computerize the different activities in the library like lending of books, purchase of books, stock verification, etc.


The Library Committee is composed of the following members:-

Chairman:                        Dr. Vanlalhruaii, Principal
Secretary:                        Mr.Lalremruata, Library Assistant
Members:                        Mr. JN Singh, Associate Professor
                                         Dr. Lalhmingliana, Associate Professor
                                         Dr. Ngurthankimi Sailo, Associate Professor
                                         Dr. Zothanzuali, Associate Professor
                                         Ms. Vanlaltanpuii, Assistant Professor
                                         Mr. Benjamin Lalmuanawma Fanai, Assistant Professor
                                         Mr.Lalnuntluanga Sailo, UDC

Ex-officio Member:          Mr.Ramhluna Hnamte, Joint Director, Higher & Technical  Education.


The Library Committee has periodically reviewed the various library resources in terms of the acquired stock like books, magazines, journals, periodicals, and other reading materials to determine their accessibility and relevance.


The Library Automation SOUL 2.0 Version has been successfully completed. This is for full utilization of the students, Research scholars and faculty members of this Institution. The Barcode system is fully generated and came into effect on April, 2012.


The institution is using INFLIBNET SOUL – 2.0 facilities. All the documents are installed in SOUL – 2.0 which is use for all purposes offer by SOUL 2.0.


The library is kept open for approximately 219 working days of the academic session from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. During the months of December and January, it is kept open from 9:30am to 4:00pm.

Books, reading materials and other items newly acquired by the Institution for the Library are listed together in order of their date of acquisition and circulated at periodical intervals for due information to the faculty staff and students of the college. The lists of newly enlisted and registered books are also put up in the Notice Board in the Library.


Sl. No Books Number
1 Total no. of books 14631
2 Journals 30
3 Subscription 4
  Total 14665


IASE Library became functional in 1975 along with the institution of the Mizoram Institute of Education. Ever since then, the College Library has grown significantly and its collection of books enlarged and enriched. Presently, there are about 15,100 volumes of books with the numbers multiplying rapidly.


The entire collection of books in the Library can broadly be divided into four categories :-

  1. Rare Collection
  2. Reference Books
  3. Course Books
  4. General Category


The rare collection category has a number of very old but highly valued books which are no longer available in the market. The collection of Reference books are rich and varied in nature and caters to the need of all subjects and issues. The Course books as prescribed by the University and other suggested readings are available in the most recent editions. These along with Reference books are directly accessible to the students. The General category has a vast and rich array of books to meet the needs of readers with different tastes and interests. They are classified subject–wise and made accessible not only to students but even to interested outsiders under a properly structured and strictly regulated system of borrowing and lending.


Classification of books in the library is done in order of subjects. For open and easy circulation, a loan Register is maintained where entry of students’ names in the capacity of 125 Nos. is made. This system is considered more practical than the card system as the academic session is short and the batches of students change rapidly.


  1. A student can borrow four ( 4 ) books at a time for a period of Seven ( 7 ) days.
  2. A student can renew his/her borrowed books for another four ( 4 ) days without fine.
  3. Students must positively return the borrowed book/books after the initial renewal of four ( 4 ) days to then Library.
  4. Failure to return borrowed book/books within the stipulated period will result in a fine of `10/- per book per day.
  5. No student is allowed to borrow book books for others.
  6. All the books must be returned before the end of the Academic Session.
  7. Fine of `100/- will be charged to student(s) who violate the Library rules as and when required.